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SLO Bastions 2

Street Light Orchestra - OSR

THE OSR CELEBRATES ITS FIRST CENTURY //// To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande stepped out of its concert halls and took to the streets of Geneva and the Festival Lumières [...]



Borealis - Adelaide Fringe Festival

AUSTRALIA HOSTS THE NORTHERN LIGHTS /// A big success for Dan Acher's installation BOREALIS at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018 with over 500 000 visitors. “In the best possible way, there was a lot [...]


Teenage Suicide Awareness installation back in Geneva

Our Teenage Suicide Awareness installation is back in Geneva from February 12 to 21, in front of Uni Mail. First launched for Children Action and #WorldSuicide [...]

500 000 visitors for Borealis in Adelaide, Australia

Huge success for Dan Acher's installation BOREALIS at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018, with over 500 000 visitors and a big impact on both the population and [...]

Dan Acher elected Ashoka Fellow

Happy City Lab is proud to announce that founder Dan Acher has been elected Ashoka Fellow! Looking forward to creating even crazier projects and taking this to [...]


web shade NY GE

New York Pavilion @ Salon du Livre 2018

THE BIG APPLE IN GENEVA /// For the fourth year running, The Geneva International Book and Press Fair invited us to design a creative zone in which everyone can express themselves - and this time it had a [...]


red duck compost feminisme

Little Teachers

TURNING THE TABLES /// The current paradigm is that education should be transmitted from adults to children - a one-way transfer of knowledge. What if we turned the tables and [...]



CinéTransat 2018

FREE OPEN-AIR SCREENINGS /// The 10th edition of CinéTransat took place July 12 to August 19 in Geneva's Perle du Lac Park. We kicked off this anniversary season with a re-run [...]



Play me, I'm Yours 2018

MUSICAL SITUATION /// Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. More than 1800 pianos have now been installed in over 60 [...]


important graph


PARTICIPATIVE EXPLORATION /// What is the most important image on your smartphone? Nowadays, we all can shoot, work on and share our photos instantly. Over 95 millions photos and videos [...]


SHADE suicide blueman

Teenage Suicide

THE ART OF SAVING LIVES /// It's not easy to talk about suicide. For Children Action in the week leading to World Suicide Prevention Day we created an art installation comprising of 7 phone [...]




THE NORTHERN LIGHTS ON DEMAND /// The Northern Lights experience. Anywhere and anytime. This brand new piece brings the experience of the Northern Lights to cities the world over. Time slows [...]




RECLAIM THE WATERFRONT /// In June 2016 Happy City Lab designed a new lakeside space for the City of Geneva : L’Escale. A participative pop-up village designed to encourage people of all walks to reclaim Geneva's (lake!) [...]



Exchange Boxes

ART AND SWAPS /// Generate spontaneous encounters : locals and passers-by, or colleagues sharing a building, can put any object into the box or take anything they want from it. Books, CDs, DVDs, toys, snow chains... A simple [...]



Street Light Orchestra

SON ET LUMIERE DELIGHTS /// Imagine a philharmonic orchestra in front of you... You dream of stepping onto the stage and drifting amongst the musicians, listening to each of their instruments. The [...]


turn me wido open eye

Turn Me ON

MONUMENTAL TRANSFORMATION /// A twilight urban safari where passers-by press giant switches, launching monumental eyes and mouths on building façades. Ephemeral on the walls, these images live long in the imagination. As you [...]

In development



MONUMENTAL EPHEMERAL INSTALLATION /// How can we create new rituals and powerful shared experiences in our cities? Memories full of emotion bringing people together regardless of origin, age or status? Secrets is a monumental ephemeral [...]

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