Borealis - Adelaide Fringe Festival


A big success for Dan Acher's installation BOREALIS at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018 with over 500 000 visitors.

“In the best possible way, there was a lot of the f-word going around the South Australian Museum Adelaide as the installation first came to life. People were in awe and there was this common emotion, like: What IS this?? I was so happy to experience this with the crowd, seeing the wonder, the emotion that was triggered”, says Dan.

As with much of Dan's work, Borealis is about creating connection through emotions - particularly in anonymous urban settings where more and more people are sharing the same space, yet lacking meaningful exchanges.

“Historically, cyclical events like solstices and other natural phenomena gave rise to rituals which helped provide both meaning and an essential sense of community. With Borealis I’m trying to cement these bonds that make us human. I'm trying to elicit the feeling that we are all one, and so that my wellbeing also depends on that stranger’s wellbeing.”

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