Luminescence proposes an urban journey to an imaginary ocean world, a way to touch the hearts and make a mark on people’s minds. Luminescence is a bridge between art and technology, and builds a new spectacular collective fantasy, in order to explore a place in an innovative way. The installation is highly photogenic and with great potential of virality on social media. It proposes a multiform aesthetic quality, mixing sound, light and touch for an immersive experience.

The structure lives its own life: when it is at rest, the strands pulse lightly, awaiting interaction. When someone penetrates in side the organism and touches a strand, it starts sparkling like marine plankton, jellyfish or luminescent sea anemones, which light up when in movement. By walking through the structure among the strands, visitors create light waves that englobe them with magical sparkles.

Beyond the simple and direct interactivity between the visitor and the artwork, the highly and massive participative aspect is favored: the public, by interacting with it, gives the artwork its true dimension and activates all its potential. It allows people to invest in public space and take ownership of an original experience, within its urban reality. Becoming an actor inside an artistic space that invites to a change of point of view, the public creates change in its attitudes and perception of the city.

rendu luminescence.003


Luminescence reunites all generations and origins -the exploration of a new environment is an universal notion-, creates new opportunities of interaction between visitors. Smiles are exchanged, bonds may be built, collective memories are created. By transforming urban spaces in unexpected interaction opportunities, Luminescence triggers emotions, and activates conversations. The public space becomes a new ephemeral reality.

Looking for partners!

This original concept is now in development and ready to be presented. We are looking for partners for financing it and make it happen. Contact us to talk about it.

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