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Borealis - Adelaide Fringe Festival

AUSTRALIA HOSTS THE NORTHERN LIGHTS /// A big success for Dan Acher's installation BOREALIS at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018 with over 500 000 visitors. “In the best possible way, there was a lot of the f-word going around the South Australian Museum Adelaide as the installation first came to life. People were in awe and there was this common emotion, like: What IS this?? I was so happy to experience this with the crowd, seeing the wonder, the emotion that was triggered”, says [...]

CinéTransat 2018

FREE OPEN-AIR SCREENINGS /// The 10th edition of CinéTransat took place July 12 to August 19 in Geneva's Perle du Lac Park. We kicked off this anniversary season with a re-run of our first ever screening - Little Miss Sunshine. Ah, the memories... With CinéTransat you go from an individual classic cinema situation - where you'll be told to be quiet at your first crunch of popcorn - to a collective experience where the crowd applauds the good guys, boos the [...]

Play me, I'm Yours 2018

MUSICAL SITUATION /// Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. More than 1800 pianos have now been installed in over 60 cities across the globe, from London to Lima, bearing the simple invitation Play Me, I’m Yours. The project has already reached more than ten million people worldwide. From Thursday 14 to Wednesday 27 June 2018 34 street pianos will fill the streets music in 17 seven communes of Geneva. Situated [...]


important graph
PARTICIPATIVE EXPLORATION /// What is the most important image on your smartphone? Nowadays, we all can shoot, work on and share our photos instantly. Over 95 millions photos and videos are posted daily on Instagram et over 2263 on Facebook every second. Our installation #ceciestimportant (#thisisimportant) proposes to think about the ephemeral life span of photos on social media and to put forth this new usage in a museum setting. Post the image on your phone that is the most [...]

Teenage Suicide

SHADE suicide blueman
THE ART OF SAVING LIVES /// It's not easy to talk about suicide. For Children Action in the week leading to World Suicide Prevention Day we created an art installation comprising of 7 phone booths. Decorated by local and international artists, one could step in and pick up the receiver to hear testimonials from patients, doctors and parents. One could also leave a voice message and learn about common misconceptions regarding teenage suicide. It was a great success with both passers-by and visitors genuinely engaging with the installation. It also [...]

CinéTransat 2017

FREE OPEN-AIR CINEMA /// The 9th edition of CinéTransat took place from July 13 to August 20 2017 in the Perle du Lac Park in Geneva. With CinéTransat you go from an individual classic cinema situation - where you'll be told to be quiet at your first crunch of popcorn - to a collective experience where the crowd applauds the good guys, boos the baddies, shares picnics, sings and dances, together ! The film serves as a pretext to bring people together and create [...]

Play me, I'm yours 2017

MUSICAL SITUATION /// From Wednesday 14 to Tuesday 27 June 2017, 53 freely accessible pianos have been installed in the streets of 17 communes in Geneva canton + Nyon district. We place pianos in public spaces and make them freely available to passers-by. In streets, on squares, at bus stops and even in parks, the pianos invite people to take possession of these collective spaces through music, generating new perspectives of the city. On top of these 53 fixed pianos, an itinerant [...]

The Mansion @Salon du Livre 2017

LITERARY CREATION /// For the third year running, The Geneva International Book and Press Fair invited Happy City Lab to design a 100% interactive and participative space. The Factory is a creative zone in which you're no longer just a visitor - here, everyone is invited to express themselves. This year The Factory came in the form of a surprising chic mansion, home of a mysterious baroness: 6 wholly interactive and participative rooms, each suggesting an exercise to prompt literary creation. The mansion's [...]

Immersive "Spaghetti Western" Night

IMMERSIVE CINEMA /// Come in costume and prepare for a new cinema experience. From the meeting point you will move in procession, disguised and on foot, to the place where the film will be screened. But attention, the outing will not be all relaxation… upon arrival, an immersion in the world of the Far West awaits you. Then, comfortably settled in deckchairs, you’ll watch a cult spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone: My Name is Nobody, with Henry Fonda and [...]

Street Light Orchestra - Morat Light Festival

SON ET LUMIERE DELIGHTS /// The old Town of Morat (FR) is transformed from January 11 to January 22 2017 into a great Sound and Light Show. The illuminated streets, monuments and town ramparts plunged the visitors into a magic world. We were present with our immersive artwork "Street Light Orchestra". The beams fill you with light as you wander through the woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings sections of a virtual orchestra. Each section plays individually from a constellation of streetlight/speakers, as the multi-coloured [...]
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