The Factory


The Factory is a vibrant creative zone, designed in collaboration with the Geneva International Book and Press Fair, and now in its fifth year of production.

In this space you're no longer just a visitor – here, everyone is invited to EXPRESS themselves. Creative prompts are given in each space and everything at hand becomes a medium for writing and posting: notebooks, coloured paper, scissors, Scotch tape, staplers, glue, walls, clothes lines.

The organized chaos of The Factory allows invited authors and visitors to interact, awakening creative urges in the most timid participants. From found poetry to magnetic letters, slam sessions to word games, as well as more intimate spaces for reflective or confessional exercises, the zone inspires creation in all ages and backgrounds.

Each edition carries a distinctive theme. In 2018 the New York pavilion hosted artistic performances by graffiti artists, musicians and DJs as well as round tables, conferences and meetings with authors - and included a cinema space showing cult film extracts. Previous years have come in the form of a colourful 230m2 apartment with 7 wholly participative rooms, each suggesting an exercise to prompt literary creation, alongside guided slam sessions and Exquisite Corpse games with confirmed authors.

Please see below for more on previous editions.

Happy City Lab - 50 rue Rothschild - 1202 Geneva - Switzerland