Play me, I'm yours 2017


From Wednesday 14 to Tuesday 27 June 2017, 53 freely accessible pianos have been installed in the streets of 17 communes in Geneva canton + Nyon district. We place pianos in public spaces and make them freely available to passers-by. In streets, on squares, at bus stops and even in parks, the pianos invite people to take possession of these collective spaces through music, generating new perspectives of the city. On top of these 53 fixed pianos, an itinerant grand piano popped up for lunchtime and evening concerts across various unexpected locations throughout Geneva.

Play Me, I'm Yours is a social and artistic project by Luke Jerram ( which we've been organizing in Switzerland since 2011 under the French name Jouez, je suis à vous.

Official website

Happy City Lab - 50 rue Rothschild - 1202 Geneva - Switzerland