Naturalisation ceremonies for the newly Swiss

tissus volants
2015-16 /// SOLEMN AND INNOVATIVE /// Sing the national anthem in a collective karaoke and get teleported to the Palais Fédéral, or nearly! Happy City Lab has the pleasure of collaborating with the State of Geneva to give a new impulse to its naturalization ceremonies, and make this much-awaited moment even more memorable for the participants. The newly Swiss can discover Daniel Würzel's arial creation Pas de deux, sing the national anthem in a collective karaoke, have their photo taken [...]

Lunchtime Disco

2nd EDITION /// DECEMBER 2015 To celebrate the end of the year and following on from the success of the first edition, the Happy City Lab team invited you to come and DANCE… at lunchtime! Just because you can! Thanks for this fun and offbeat moment, good times and vegetable soup enjoyed by all. See you again next year!  

The Continuous Handshake

OCT 2015 /// CONNECTING TEDXCERN PARTICIPANTS /// While involved with the coordination of the 2015 TEDxCERN edition through our team member Claudia, we started thinking about how to connect each of the 600 people attending this influential event. Continous Handshake is a photographic installation; each person meets two others whilst weaving a physical and photographic 'continuous handshake' - an unbroken link between all the participants. The picture is taken by the participants themselves with a foot switch on the ground, generating more spontaneous photographs than the usual [...]

Pixel Choc

pixel low CU w hands
NOV 2015 SWEET CO-CONSTRUCTION /// Chocolatissimo, the festival showcasing Neuchâtel's rich chocolate heritage, asked us to design a participative project for them. Our love of pixels led to the creation of "Pixel Choc": 100% chocolate participative artworks, in which well-known images are brought to life with different shades of chocolate, one pixel at a time. At the end of the exhibition the works are deconstructed and... gobbled up! Success (and a few fillings) for this project which attracted crowds and gave media visibility to the festival.  
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