Touch 'n' Dance!


Contact creates dance! Touch ’n’ Dance sees complete strangers call out to each other in the middle of the city - Hey, we need you, yes you over there! - and hold hands to kick off the music for the length of a song. The installation is freely accessible and comes to life as people take it over.

1. Plug in your mp3 player
2. Round up some friends or invite passers-by
3. Form a human chain to launch the music
4. The dancefloor is yours!


Touch ’n’ Dance is a call for spontaneity, exchange and shared smiles. Dancing in an unexpected context, by those who just happen to be there.


Fête de la Danse 2014, Geneva


You can commission this installation as a turnkey project. We can also adapt it to your needs or create new works for you ; visit our Clients page and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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