Happy City Lab works with public authorities, private companies, trade shows and conferences. We can adapt existing projects to fit your requirements or design original installations for you.

Our creative studio combines art and social innovation to enhance your communication, expand your target audience and generate the involvement and enthusiasm of your partners and collaborators.

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Some of our clients:

Ville de Genève, département de la culture et du sport
Ville de Genève, département de la cohésion sociale et de la solidarité
Ville de Neuchâtel, direction Culture, Sports, Tourisme
Ville d’Yverdon
EPFL Lausanne
TEDxCERN European Organization for Nuclear Research
WEF  World Economic Forum
Etat de Genève, Bureau de l’intégration des étrangers
Programme des Nations Unies pour l’environnement (PNUE)
UNIL  Université de Lausanne
Bibliothèques de la Ville de Lausanne
SIG  Services industriels de Genève
CMU Centre médical Universitaire
HUG Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève
Salon du Livre de Genève
Comptoir Suisse
Présence Suisse – Ambassade de Suisse à Paris
Magazine OURS
Procter & Gamble
YPO  Young Presidents’ Organization
UNEP  United Nations Development Program
OSEO  Oeuvre suisse d’entraide ouvrière

Sponsorship & advertising

We build partnerships around original events with a high media visibility – please get in touch for details.

Support us

Let’s transform our cities ! By supporting Happy City Lab with occasional or regular donations, you too can become an agent of social innovation. You can support the research and development of new initiatives or further the exploration of existing projects in order to multiply their impact and reach new territories.

Your donations are tax-exempt. For more information, please ask for our donors dossier.

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