Street Light Orchestra


Imagine a philharmonic orchestra in front of you... You dream of stepping onto the stage and drifting amongst the musicians, listening to each of their instruments. The Street Light Orchestra beams fill you with light as you wander through the woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings sections of a virtual orchestra. Each section plays individually from a constellation of streetlight/speakers, as the multi-coloured lampshades dazzle and glow in synch with the music. Come to the light, butterflies!


Strangers smile easily at each other in this highly sensory environment, while others even start to dance. This lights and music installation can bring to life an underused urban area or create a captivating space in a festival or a square. It’s a great way of introducing classical music to new audiences as well as playing to connoisseurs in an entirely different context. Street Light Orchestra can be enjoyed by people of all ages, cultures and (dis)abilities!


Fête de la musique, Geneva 2015
La Levratte housing estate, Nyon 2015


Commission this installation as a turnkey project. We can also adapt it to your needs or create new works for you ; visit our Clients page and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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