Life Upside Down


Life Upside Down invites you to explore a fake apartment, furnished and decorated like a sitcom set, wearing prism glasses that invert your vision. You're encouraged to carry out everyday tasks in each of the rooms - but you're in a displaced world where perceptions of yourself and your environment are completely altered. Playful and startling, Life Upside Down is an experience not to be missed!

" Totally dizzying ! You have to do this at least once in your life ! "  - Laurène

" A psychedelic experience ! Or, how the everyday gets totally transformed thanks to a pair of glasses! Thanks, I'll be coming back for more! - B.

" Really disturbing, in an instant you lose all assurance. It makes you humble! Thanks!  - Véronique


In an aesthetic and tongue-in-cheek setting, Life Upside Down is a playful and disconcerting experience that pushes back your perceptions of space.


Festival Printemps Carougeois, Geneva 2015
Young Presidents’ Organization AGM, Geneva 2015
Launch of the Madness edition of Ours Magazine, Geneva 2014


You can commission this installation as a turnkey project. We can also adapt it to your needs or create new works for you ; visit our Clients page and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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