With CinéTransat you go from an individual classic cinema situation - where you'll be told to be quiet at your first crunch of popcorn - to a collective experience where the crowd applauds the good guys, boos the baddies, shares picnics, sings and dances, together ! The film serves as a pretext to bring people together and create shared experiences.

Everyone talks about CinéTransat... Who else can bring together all generations in such a warm and convivial atmosphere? For me it's the best summer event, and free at that."

" You've managed to generate a CinéTransat lifestyle and that's unusual! The friendliness, the picnics, the Facebook community, the spontaneous singing or wolf howls after a short film, and so many other happy moments." 


Over eight years, CinéTransat has become a well-known synonym for joie de vivre. Its success is exponential, without ever losing its joyful and easy-going atmosphere.


CinéTransat runs for 6 weeks each summer in a big lakeside park. The event started in 2009 ; the 9th season will run 13 July – 20 August 2017.

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Become a CinéTransat partner to accompany this cultural and interactive project with great media visibility. Joining the CinéTransat venture means communicating otherwise, in a creative space designed to promote social cohesion and quality of life. Visit our Clients page and contact us for more.

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