Digital Neuron


For the first time in Geneva, a monumental work of augmented reality. Unveiled at the inauguration of the Centre médical Universitaire CMU 5-6, it’s an original creation by the Californian collective The Heavy Projects, curated by Happy City Lab.

The work highlights the central importance of the neurone in the human intellect and more particularly as a driving force for research. Electrically excitable cells that treat and transmit information, neurones are the essential components of the brain, bone marrow, and central nervous system.

To see DIGITAl NEURON in augmented reality download the mobile app "HEAVY AR”, free on the AppStore and Google Play. When you point your smartphone or tablet’s camera at the artwork on the CMU wall, it will become digitally interactive through your screen.



Happy City Lab - 50 rue Rothschild - 1202 Geneva - Switzerland