How can we create new rituals and powerful shared experiences in our cities? Memories full of emotion bringing people together regardless of origin, age or status?

Secrets is a monumental ephemeral installation that allows introspection and liberation: offer the world your most intimate thoughts - anonymously - and then free them through fire. Contemplate the beauty of human nature, something that touches to the essence of mankind and opens the heart. Like the ancestral St-Jean bonfires, Secrets is a new ritual for the city; a potent symbol and a pure artistic gesture, giving rise to a powerful shared experience and marking new beginnings.

How does it work?
Giant letters forming the word SECRETS are set in an open space. They form a circle, catching everybody's eyes and generating curiosity. People are invited to enter the circle formed inside the letters, on whose walls wooden cards are pinned. On these cards, people have shared some of their deepest secrets. Newcomers are invited to share their secrets too, to pin their card with the others, or place it in an urn to keep it unread until they have left.


Offer the world our most intimate thoughts, anonymously
Create a new ritual in a city
A strong moment of humanity
A symbolic and artistic gesture

Looking for partners!

This original concept is now in development. We’re looking for partners to help make it happen. Contact us to talk about it.

Happy City Lab - 50 rue Rothschild - 1202 Geneva - Switzerland