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Urban Rodeo yeeha rodeo - copie

Urban Rodeo

HORSEBACK FOLLIES /// Monumental work of street art, Urban Rodeo is a REAL rocking horse 4 meters high and 5 meters long, that you can actually climb and ride! Break [...]


Hat and Jim V11-22

Pixel Choc

SWEET CO-CREATION /// 100% chocolate participative artwork! Bring well-known images to life with different shades of chocolate, one pixel at a time. At the end of the exhibition the works are deconstructed and... [...]


Lunchtime Disco

2nd EDITION /// DECEMBER 2015 To celebrate the end of the year and following on from the success of the first edition, the Happy City Lab team invited you to [...]

Pixel Choc

NOV 2015 SWEET CO-CONSTRUCTION /// Chocolatissimo, the festival showcasing Neuchâtel's rich chocolate heritage, asked us to design a participative project fo [...]

Naturalization ceremony for the newly Swiss

2015-16 /// SOLEMN AND INNOVATIVE /// Sing the national anthem in a collective karaoke and get teleported to the Palais Fédéral, or nearly! Happy City Lab [...]


boites sylvia

Exchange Boxes

ART AND SWAPS /// Generate spontaneous connections: locals and passers-by, or colleagues in a company office, can put any object into the box or take anything they want from it. Books, CDs, DVDs, toys, snow chains... A [...]


SLO fairy lights SLIDER

Street Light Orchestra

SON ET LUMIERE DELIGHTS /// Imagine a philharmonic orchestra in front of you... you dream of stepping onto the stage and drifting amongst the musicians, listening to each of their instruments. Streetlight [...]


Turn eye closer

Turn Me ON

MONUMENTAL TRANSFORMATION /// Giant switches form a mesmerizing journey through darkened streets. Intrigued passers-by activate them, launching giant eyes and mouths on building façades for a minute or so. Ephemeral on the walls, these [...]

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