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CinéTransat 2016

FREE OPENAIR CINEMA /// The 8th edition of CinéTransat took place from July 14 to August 21 in the Perle du Lac Park in Geneva. With CinéTransat you go from an [...]




RECLAIM THE WATERFRONT /// In June 2016 Happy City Lab designed a new lakeside space for the City of Geneva : L’Escale. A participative pop-up village designed to encourage people of all walks to reclaim Geneva's (lake!) [...]


Newsletter #2 : You are entering a Creative Zone

Reclaiming the Waterfront What’s our ideal urban hangout? When the City of Geneva asked us to create a new lakeside zone we came up with L’Escale : a par [...]

Urban Exercise Course

To celebrate Geneva's 2016 edition of No Car Day we designed a 10-step musical Urban Exercise Circuit around one of the city's most beautiful spots. The 2km wor [...]

Danse en ville!

A Happy City Lab, nous sommes toujours intéressés à voir comment on peut créer de la danse dans la ville et dans les parcs. Voici un bon exemple, vécu dans le c [...]



Elementary schools promotion party 2016

Happy City Lab organized the animations in the context of the elementary schools promotion party for the City of Geneva. Almost 6000 kids were able to discover animations on the [...]



Euro 2016: Swiss Reflections

This summer we were invited to design a piece to represent Switzerland in Paris during the Euro 2016. At the height of football fever we took the immersive Swiss Reflections to France. [...]



Urban Rodeo - Nyon

Urban Rodeo, a participative installation created by Happy City Lab, took place in the city of Nyon for two weeks in June 2016. Urban Rodeo is a REAL rocking horse 4 [...]



Play me, I'm yours 2016

From Wednesday 8 to Tuesday 21 June 2016, 54 freely accessible pianos have be installed in the streets of 20 Grand Genève communes (Geneva canton, Nyon district, Ain). We place pianos [...]



The 7-Room Factory

For the second year running, The Geneva International Book and Press Fair invited Happy City Lab to design a 100% interactive and participative space. The Factory is a creative zone in [...]


Sophie Lit

In Bed With a Book

New ephemeral urban artwork: 7 beds have been spread in Lausanne around the town centre, giving books a prime spot in our daily lives. A good occasion to escape and [...]



Exchange Boxes

ART AND SWAPS /// Generate spontaneous encounters : locals and passers-by, or colleagues sharing a building, can put any object into the box or take anything they want from it. Books, CDs, DVDs, toys, snow chains... A simple [...]


SLO fairy lights

Street Light Orchestra

SON ET LUMIERE DELIGHTS /// Imagine a philharmonic orchestra in front of you... You dream of stepping onto the stage and drifting amongst the musicians, listening to each of their instruments. The Street [...]


turn me wido open eye

Turn Me ON

MONUMENTAL TRANSFORMATION /// A twilight urban safari where passers-by press giant switches, launching monumental eyes and mouths on building façades. Ephemeral on the walls, these images live long in the imagination. As you [...]

In development

grid 4-1


MONUMENTAL ARTWORK /// GENOME is composed of four parallel lines traced in the sky by high power lasers. Each laser is associated with one of the nucleotide bases A, G, C, [...]

In development



EXTRAORDINARY IMMERSION /// Luminescence proposes an urban journey to an imaginary ocean world, a way to touch the hearts and make a mark on people’s minds. Luminescence is a bridge [...]

In development



MONUMENTAL EPHEMERAL INSTALLATION /// How can we create new rituals and powerful shared experiences in our cities? Memories full of emotion bringing people together regardless of origin, age or status? Secrets is a monumental ephemeral [...]

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